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Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta

Cloud With Me Review 2019

Cloud With Me is a Dublin, Ireland based company. It provides users with a simple and intuitive tool which allows users to move to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud in a matter of three clicks and ten minutes!

Cloud With Me is a user friendly FREE AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud server set-up tool, specifically designed to remove any need for technical knowledge beforehand.

Although Amazon Web Service is unmanaged web hosting which requires lots of technical skill to manage your site on AWS. Cloud With me has made it easy and simple. is a hassle free AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud set-up tool, and it not only gets you started quickly but operates without any interruption to your on-going business.

Server Locations

  • Mumbai 
  • Seoul
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Oregon City
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Dublin
  • Virginia
  • Beach

Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta

Uptime & Reliability

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Google CloudAWS and Azure are specially designed for handling high traffic websites. These are little expensive compared to traditional hosting providers. But they deserve more price due to their quality of service. These servers gives maximum power & uptime than any other hosting to your site. These are well known for speed, reliability, flexibility.


User Friendly

Cloud With Me is a user-friendly setup solution gets your server up and running in minutes with no need for technical skills. It is a solution simple to operate and manage, making it really easy to upgrade your infrastructure  and boost your business. No need of prior knowledge No training of staff required No time and resources wasted.

Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta


Cloud With Me managed hosting solution  allows users to adopt to Amazon Web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Hosting in minutes with zero resources or tech knowledge. It’s ideal for those who need to set budgets for their monthly server expenses. for those who have tech knowledge, they reduce the setup time from days to minutes.

They offers Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress self hosting solution  in just 1 click auto installation.


Aws Hosting

Aws Hosting includes five plans to choose from. Basic plans starts from $40/mo. with 1 GB memory, 6 gb of storage and this package allow 100k page views/mo.

The highest plan named Enterprise with 8gb memory, 16gb storage and bandwidth, cost $460/mo. This package allows 5M views per month. However Memory, bandwidth, ram size and per month page views varies in all plans.

You can choose a plan according to your business website needs.

Azure Hosting

Azure Hosting include 4 plans. Startup plan include 2gb memory, 10gb storage and 300k page views per month. The highest plans cost $800/mo with 5M page views per month.

Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Hosting startup plan starts from $40/mo and goes upto highest level of $800/mo with 15m page views per month. Pricing, storage, bandwidth varies in each plan.


Each Hosting Plans contains Free and paid addon. Free addons are server install, html, ftp, mail, analytic and mysql. While available paid addons wordpress, drupal, magento, php, joomla, laravel and roundcube costs $5/mo.

You can tailor your server to meet your needs.’s automated service will complete the installation for you in minutes.

Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta

Cloud With Me Prices, Plans & Features – 2019

Aws Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price
Basic 6 GB 1 x 2.5GHz 1 GB 3 TB $40.00
Start-Up 9 GB 1 x 2.5GHz 2 GB 6 TB $80.00
Developer 12 GB 2 x 2.5GHz 4 GB 9 TB $160.00
Business 16 GB 2 x 2.5GHz 8 GB 12 TB $320.00
Enterprice 16 GB 2 x 3GHz 8 GB 16 TB $460.00

Pricing and plans taken from

Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta


  • Google CloudAWS and Azure Server Easy Setup
  • Open Source (WordPress, joomla) Self Hosting
  • Unbeatable Uptime
  • Able to Handle Lots of Traffic


  • Little Expensive

Cloud With me Best Alternative – Kinsta


Cloud With Me Ratings
  • Features
  • User Friendly
  • Pricing
  • Uptime & Reliability
  • Support


Great and easy Way to Access Google Cloud, AWS and Azure
If you have a heavy traffic website that cant hold load on normal hosting, then Cloud With Me is made for you.
They have a lot of nice perks that you won’t find with traditional hosting companies.

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