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Vps Price: $15.00/mo

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Host1plus Vps Review 2018

What is Host1Plus?

Host1plus is a London, U.K. based web hosting company founded in 2008. This company focus on high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with its customers. They have top-tier & ISO certified data centers in different locations like Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.  Each data center is designed to the highest specifications for performance, reliability and security.

This company offers reliable and excellent customer oriented service. Host1Plus offers Vps hosting and cloud servers.   They doesn’t offer shared hosting.

Host1Plus Vps

They have highly qualified support staff to assist their customers.

Uptime & Reliability

Very Reliable Service

There is no uptime mentioned on Host1plus official website. They calculate 99.9% service uptime. Host1Plus use high end hardware on their server and 10G high speed network for maximum uptime. Host1Plus have designed their infrastructure to bring maximum reliability.


Full Featured Vps & Cloud Servers


VPS are available on 4 different locations. You can deploy a VPS instantly after successful payment. All VPS plans are unmanaged and includes TUN/TAP/PPP Enabled, IPv4 and IPv6 support, Backups, Virtuozzo & OpenVZ ,Popular Linux OS, Up to 32 IPv4 addresses, RAID data storage, SSD caching, 500 Mbps uplink.

You will get full root access to your VPS. There is DNS Management available in client to create domain and sdit record.

Cloud Servers

All Cloud Server plans are unmanaged including Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 processors, DDR4 error correcting-code RAM, Up to 32 IPv4 addresses, KVM virtualization technology, API, Scheduled backups, IPv6 support, 10G network,1 free IPv4.

You can get cPanel licence at extra cost of $15/mo to manage your cloud server. You will get a simplified control panel to manage DNS and track your server stat.


Multi-level technical assistance and quick issue resolution

They have 8 data centers  listed with address information to better choose you line of communication and language. Host1plus have a nice set of forums, FAQ section and tutorials to answer common issues.

Host1plus customer support is well set up. They have a live dedicated team that will help you solve an issue within minutes. They offer service monitoring and performance control. Most hosting providers only use support tickets and mostly answer via email. They have over four lines of communication.


Very reasonable pricing options

Host1plus offers 4 different types of predefined Vps hosting packages to choose from. Pricing from $15/mo. You have the option of choosing between Amber, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Vps plans are designed for different size businesses and website platforms. Each plan varies in disk space, ram and bandwidth.

There is custom solution available enterprise businesses. You can choose adones like cPanel license, backup slot or whmcs at additional cost.  You can save money on longer billing cycles.

Cloud Serves Predefine packaging starts from $40/mo. 2 core, 2GB RAM, 40GB Space & 1 TB of bandwidth. Core, ram and disc size varies in all plans. Higher plan goes to $784/mo including 8 cores. 64GB RAM, 1 TB DisC and 1 TB bandwidth. If you select longer billing cycle you can save 20% off on your server.

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Host1Plus Prices, Plans & Features – 2018

VPS Plans

Plan Name Space (GB) CPU RAM (GB) OS Price
Amber 40  $15.00
Bronze 60  $21.00
Silver 120  $36.00
Gold 250  16  $66.00

Cloud Server Plans

Plan Name Space (GB) CPU RAM (GB) Bandwidth (TB) Price
LIN1 40 $40.00
LIN2 60  $66.00
LIN4 130 1
LIN8 250  16  $66.00
LIN16 500  32  $403.00
LIN32 1000  64  $784.00
WIN4 50  $65.00
WIN8 100  $111.00
WIN16 250  16  $212.00
WIN32 500  32  $403.00
WIN64 1000  64  $779.00

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth (TB) Core Price Details

Intel Xeon E3-1240v6

2 x 1TB Enterprise HDD 10  4 $160

Intel Xeon E5-2630v3

2 x 1TB Enterprise HDD 10 8 $170

Intel Xeon E3-1240v6

1 x 512GB SSD 10  4 $190

Pricing taken from  Official Website and updated as of 11 June, 2018

Server Locations 

  • Chicago Los
  • Angeles
  • São Paulo
  • Frankfurt
  • Johannesburg

Host1Plus Pros:

  • Nice live support
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Tutorials and a FAQ for help

Host1Plus Cons:

  • Shared hosting missing

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